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Matsuri Akino Fan Community

秋乃茉莉 - Matsuri Akino Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
For fans of manga-ka Matsuri Akino (Pet Shop of Horrors, Genju no Seiza, Kamen Tantei, etc.)
This community is for the discussion of anything related to the works by mangaka Akino Matsuri. You can talk about any of her manga, characters, cosplay of her characters, etc.

Other communities that you may find interesting: ds_petshop, genjyu_no_seiza


1) Stay on topic as best you can.

2) No flaming or harassment. Be civil.

3) No selling on this community (see rule 4 for exceptions)

4) Advertising your postings on other selling communities, your selling blog, or auctions for Akino Matsuri related items only(cosplay items, doujinshi, official manga, videos, soundtracks, etc) is allowed.
No links to anywhere that is selling bootlegs, fansubs, scans, unofficial translations, or the like.
(We do not take any responsibility for any off community sales, so exercise appropriate caution if buying or selling)

5) Spoilers: You must include a warning in the subject of your post and hide them behind a cut.
If included in comment to non-spoiler post, include a warning prior to the spoiler and hide them by making them match the background, or use tiny whisper text(or both).

6) Large pictures and long posts must be placed behind a cut.

7) Fanfiction: top of the post must include name of series, rating(G, PG, PG-13), genre(Romance, Horror, etc.), and pairings-if any. Disclaimer and text of the fiction must be placed under a cut.

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